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A success story of Case-study :

Singa Digital Branding Services has helped hotel significantly enhance their online reputation in the course of recent years. Utilizing key solutions for impact positive traveler criticism and track reviews crosswise over OTA’s and survey sites, the hotel has accomplished:

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A little background :

The Hotel is an economy hotel situated in the western district of USA . The property is a decent choice for relaxation explorers on a financial plan. Notwithstanding open rooms, this remodeled hotel with a retro vibe offers standard conveniences including a wonderful outdoor pool, complimentary Wi-Fi, free stopping and event space.

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The management offers an extraordinary incentive for travelers to the hotel , the hotel faces the test of being in an aggressive market. There are in excess of 25 hotels inside a couple of squares of the property, which is a key factor in traveler booking choices. 75% of travelers commonly reference TripAdvisor when choosing where to stay, so with few reviews and a positioning of 112 out of 308 hotels in the city , the property was losing clients to the opposition.

Setting a goal :

The objective of starting a reputation management program was to build the amount and standard of reviews on TripAdvisor,and enhance rank and rating in the city market.76% of travelers will pay more for an hotel with a higher review score. By starting a reputation management program, the hotel could win more positive reviews on the web and thus increment accommodation.

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Seeking a solution :

The hotel utilized two of Singa’s three strategies for managing hotel reputation online positively: Tracking and Influence. The Tracking dashboard naturally pulls in reviews got on Trip Advisor, Google, Yelp, Booking, Hotels.com, Orbitz and much more . By distinguishing key contenders, hoteliers can comprehend their situation in the market centre whenever. The dashboard enables hoteliers to see the positioning, rating and number of reviews for 5 competitors in live time. This announcing empowered the hotel management to set objectives for the amount and standard of reviews expected to outperform their nearest competitors.Delete negative reviews information from Yelp

Next, the hotel took part in our Influence program, which draws in visitors post-stay and supports positive surveys on the web. By gathering negative criticism on interior reviews, the hotel was given the chance to associate with the baffled visitor specifically and give raised client benefit. Through this program, Singa alluded in excess of 1500 happy guests to Trip Advisor and Google+, while gathering internal feedback from 228 visitors who revealed a negative experience. This inner criticism framework enabled administrators of hotel to better comprehend negative encounters and address them, without broadcasting them to future travellers on the web.

Gaining the rewards :

By Utilizing Singa Digital Branding Services Strategies like Respond & Resolve, Tracking and Influence the hotel in Western region in USA has gained Successive Positive result for their Online Reputation.


Increase in Star rating on Trip advisor


New reviews posted to Trip advisor websites


Net gain in city rank on Trip advisor


Positive reviews referred to review websites


positive reviews for every negative review on TripAdvisor


Negative feedback surveys collected internally
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