A reputation success story

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A reputation success story :

Singa digital branding Services has helped Hotel in western region in USA to improve their Online reputation in the past 4 months. Utilizing Strategic reputation solution to attract positive traveler response and add insightful review responses, the hotel has seen Successive results, including:

Brand Reputation Management

A little background :

The hotel is located in the western region in USA.This hotel is better place for relaxation travel, destination weddings and corporate excursions. Travelers around 75% depend on trip advisor website for the purpose of stay. The management has understand the sense of Overcoming the competition, and resulted to improve their ranking of 5/50 hotels in the city.

Manage Online Brand Reputation

Setting a goal :

The objective of starting a reputation program was to increment the amount and nature of surveys on Trip Advisor and Google, and thus enhance rank and rating in the aggressive market. By starting a reputation program, the lodging could acquire more positive reviews on the web and use visitor criticism to improve visitor reviews at the hotel. Hotel management needed an answer for reacting to surveys on Trip Advisor, web-based social networking and OTA sites.

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Seeking a solution :

The Hotel has utilized all strategies of Singa Digital Branding Services for positively managing hotel reputation online: Tracking, Influence, Respond & Resolve.

Tracking: The Singa Digital Branding Services permits hoteliers to see the ranking, rating and number of reviews for 4 competitors on live. This reports helped the hotel to plan targets for the bulk and standard of reviews required to overcome the competitor reputation Ranking.Remove unwanted business reviews from Google

Influence: The Influence program which meets guest post-stay and enhance positive reviews Online. With Receiving negative response on internal surveys, the hotel was provided the opportunity to engage with the dissatisfied guest precisely and arrange standard customer service.

Respond & Resolve: The main strategy of Singa Digital Branding Services is the Respond & Resolve Program. Reacting to surveys rapidly and appropriately can build occupancy. joining with Singa Digital Branding Services, we have reacted to around 10% of their online reviews. Presently, our reputation specialists create affirmed reactions to 100% of their online hotel reviews. The program additionally incorporates propelled investigation answering to engage hoteliers to determine issues at the property in light of visitor input. In 2 months, we have figure out 247 sentiment analysis key indicators for the hotel. This business insight is fundamental for hotels in exceptionally aggressive markets.

Gaining the rewards :

By Utilizing Singa Digital Branding Services Strategies like Respond & Resolve, Tracking and Influence the hotel in Western region in USA has gained Successive Positive result for their Online Reputation.


Increase in Trip Advisor Reviews


More Reviews received per month vs. top 5 competitors combined


Increase in Google Reviews


Review response rate on Trip Advisor, Facebook, Google & OTAs


Increase in Trip advisor Score


Spot Trip Advisor city rank increase in just 20 days


Happy guests referred to review websites


Negative feedback surveys collected internally
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