A guest review success story

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A guest review success story :

Singa Digital Branding Services has helped hotel in western district in USA reliably enhance their online reputation in the course of the last 2 years. Using key reputation solutions for impact positive traveler input, the hotel has seen emotional outcomes, including:

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A little background :

The Hotel is situated in the Western region of USA. The Hotel is a perfect excursion stop for families and business explorers. Not withstanding present day housing, the recently revamped hotel offers luxuries including complimentary Wi-Fi, an open air pool and a business focus.

While it offers an incredible incentive for travelers to the territory, the hotel faces the test of being in a little market of firmly positioned hotels.

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With 75% of travelers commonly referencing Trip Advisor when choosing where to stay, the hotels absence of reviews was negatively affecting accommodation. With only 23 add up to reviews on the posting, it was troublesome for travelers to be sure about the visitor input about the hotel.

Setting a goal :

The objective of starting a reputation management program was to build the amount and standard of reviews on Trip Advisor. By cooperating with Singa Digital Branding Services, the hotel could procure more positive reviews on the web and gather inside feedback on negative visitor experiences at the hotel.

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Seeking a solution :

The hotel utilized two of Singa’s three strategies for decidedly overseeing hotel reputation online : Tracking and Influence. The Tracking dashboard consequently pulls in reviews got on Trip Advisor, Google, Yelp, Booking, Hotels.com, Orbitz and the sky is the limit from there. By distinguishing key contenders, hoteliers can comprehend their situation in the commercial centre whenever. The Singa’s dashboard enables hoteliers to see the positioning, rating and number of reviews for 5 competitors progressively. This detailing empowered the hotel to set objectives for the amount and standards of reviews expected to outperform their nearest competitors.Delete Negative Information from Google

Next, the hotel took an interest in our Influence program, which draws in visitors post-stay and energizes positive reviews on the web. By gathering negative criticism on internal surveys, the hotel was given the chance to associate with any disillusioned visitors straight forwardly and give better customer service. Through this program, Singa alluded 450 cheerful visitors to Trip Advisor and Google+, while gathering inward feedback from 75 visitors who detailed a negative experience. This internal feedback system enabled hotel to better comprehend visitor encounters and address them without broadcasting them to future travellers on the web.

Gaining the rewards :

Through tracking and influence, the hotel has achieved significant positive results for their online reputation.


Increase in reviews posted on TripAdvisor


New positive reviews referred to review websites


Improvement in city rank on TripAdvisor


Ranked on Google Hotel Finder


Negative feedback surveys collected internally
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