A guest feedback success story

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A guest feedback success story :

Singa digital branding services has helped hotel in Western region in USA to enhance the online reputation for the past 5 months. By Utilizing strategic reputation solutions to gain positive traveller response and reply to all reviews on TripAdvisor and online travel website, the hotel has achieved:

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A little background :

The Hotel is located in western region of USA which is designed with large rooms including kitchenettes and also this hotel offers luxuries like outdoor pool, Wi-Fi and free breakfast. While the hotel offers an extraordinary importance for travelers , faces the challenge of competitors.

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There are more than 25 hotels within 3 miles of the asset, which are all easily approachable by local travelers. Developing a review response strategy will extremely increase the hotel’s accommodation while 70 % of travelers are more interested to book a hotel that responds to review.

Setting a goal :

The goal of starting a Online reputation management schedule was to recover time and deliver peace-of-mind to hotel management. This Program list make sure that all reviews pick up professional feedback within 48 hours of posting.

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The hotel management are also required to improve the bulk and standard of reviews on TripAdvisor and in return increase reputation in market. The hotel was able to Improve their ranking on TripAdvisor and other Online Travel agencies(OTA) Websites with the twin strategy of improving positive reviews and reacting to 100% guest feedback.

Seeking a solution :

The hotel has utilized all strategies of Singa Digital Branding Services for positively managing hotel reputation online: Tracking, Influence, Respond & Resolve

Tracking: The Singa Digital Branding Services permits hoteliers to see the ranking, rating and number of reviews for 4 competitors on live. This reports helped the hotel to plan targets for the bulk and standard of reviews required to overcome the competitor reputation Ranking.Delete Negative Reviews From YouTube

Influence: The Influence program which meets guest post-stay and enhance positive reviews Online. With Receiving negative response on internal surveys, the hotel was provided the opportunity to engage with the dissatisfied guest precisely and arrange standard customer service.

Respond & Resolve: The main strategy of Singa Digital Branding Services is the Respond & Resolve Program. On websites like Travelocity, Google, Hotels.com, Booking.com, Expedia and TripAdvisor around 1350 review response were posted since January 2017 which increased the entire reputation of the hotel.

Review responses are accepted within 24 hours of the first review, whereas the medium review resolution is done within 48 hours. With the help of Singa Digital Branding Services the hotel increased their hotel rank and rating on Trip advisor. The hotel raised to #7 out of 175 hotels in the city. With adjoining to review responses, Our Expert examiners also score each review on 36 key Zones to give the most precise of any reputation management solution.Remove Negative Online Comments

As a major aspect of the program, our investigator contacted the hotelier when reacting to troublesome reviews to talk about the suitable voice to use in the reaction. Our group likewise comprehended particular lodging systems furthermore, approaches, for example, the wiping out strategy or the favoured verbiage for tending to support and housekeeping issues. The official mark of the hotelier was utilized on each audit reaction for reliable and proficient outcomes.

Hoteliers additionally can survey and alter each reaction before it is posted on the web. To spare time, the supervisor at the hotel selected to set all reactions to surveys with 4 starts or higher to auto-affirm. Our review experts utilise hotelier criticism to illuminate future survey reactions. By modifying our style to address the issues of the hotel, each proficient review reaction is posted rapidly and gives past future visitors with a positive impression of the hotel.

Gaining the rewards :

By Utilizing Singa Digital Branding Services Strategies like Respond & Resolve, Tracking and Influence the hotel in Western region in USA has gained Successive Positive result for their Online Reputation.


Response rate on five hotel review Websites


Average review response acceptance time


Out of 175 hotels in city


Responses to online reviews


Average review resolve time
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