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Almost everyone out there has something embarrassing or something recorded online which they don’t appreciate. Having some awkward old pictures or abusive comments on your blog, some fake news or results which will prove to be misleading, there are many results you have wished to disappear or pretend that they have never existed. Online browsing can haunt you with all these misleading results permanently and in worst cases even your online reputation can be hampered. So here, the question may arise as what to do to protect your reputation from the negative online results. The result lies in the proper online reputation management.

The strategy to be taken for managing negative content :

Choosing a proper promotion technique for business as well as an appropriate strategy for reputation management will be quite nerve-wracking. Being overwhelmed, many individuals and organizations tend to take inappropriate decision. While you can alleviate the negative feedback by resolving the prevalent issue leading to negation, your task does not stop right there. Apart for this, there will be many other things which are to be addressed and below are the few advisory strategies mentioned accordingly.

Remove negative information from Yelp
  • Negotiating with the source where negative results are published and removing the results
  • Accessing the popular search engines like Google and removing the negative results directly.
  • Removal in exchange of payment
  • Optimize legal channels to remove the negative results from the source
  • Make improvement and proper management of reviews
  • Boosting positive stories as well as news results of the brand to weaken the negative results
  • Optimization of contents which are already present on the website
  • Optimize and develop branded content

In most cases, it is seen that generally the reputation of any business is related to unfavorable articles, bad reviews, blog posts and similar factors. While most of these contents cannot be removed, to suppress the negative results effectively, you need an efficient strategy for online reputation management and brand management.

Managing Negative Search Results Is Possible :

While running an online business, you should be aware that online brand reputation can be impacted by negative results but managing them effectively is also possible. Negative feedback is inevitable for all the brands, people, campaigns, businesses and sales –the reason is you cannot impress each and everyone of this world. If your brand or business has credibility, then some negative opinions of a handful people cannot have impact directly on your sales. Moreover you will not be held accused of your past mistakes if your brand is reliable. It is recommended to appoint any reputed company for the online reputation management so that you can get help regarding how to deal with the online criticisms while establishing a reputed name in the market for yourself.

Remove fake information from ripoff report
  • You should be ready for negative feedback’s as you cannot impress everyone practically
  • Negative results can be managed with the help of any reputed management company for online reputation
  • Some negative reviews cannot affect your reputation if your brand has credibility
  • You will not be held accounted for past mistakes if your brand is reliable
Suppress fake information from YouTube
Remove unwanted Information from Google

What Can You Expect From Us?

For those to whom negative online listings have cost their ownership, our Premium Package is strategically designed to return them control of their business while turning the situation in their favor.

As a number of business categories possess greater chance to bring on negative liabilities digitally than others, you will need a complex as well as efficient approach to turn the negative into positive.

With Singa Digital Branding Services you will be provided a first page search result of a specific search engine where no negative result will be included. We utilize the Positive Branding techniques with syndication of contents and add reverse engineering for eliminating any offensive or negative results. Primarily we track the fluctuation of ranks to apply the most effective method so that negative listings and reviews are suppressed and transferred to the next page as well as some page beyond results of the search engine.

  • Our Premium Package can give ownership control back to the customers and create favorable condition.
  • We have Complex and effective approach to turn negative into positive
  • We can ensure no negative result on the first page
  • We analyze rank fluctuation before adding Positive Branding Techniques and Reverse Engineering
  • Negative results are sent back to next page and even a page beyond searching.

The Main Components Ongoing For the Product :

1. Setup
2. Development
3. Implementation and Promotion
4. Tweaking and Enhancement

Due to constant change of online marketing, same monitoring is maintained at all activity levels. To maintain a strategic position for quick reaction in online business, there is an effective Online Reputation Management. It enhances the most positive results while alleviating unfavorable results by creating effective reputation online.

Professional Internet Reputation Management – the benefits of campaign :

  • Gaining control over online image and brand marketing
  • Restoring business reputation
  • Suppressing or complete removal of misleading and negative contents
  • Gaining control over the search results shown to potential customers and general users
  • Optimizing and promoting positive content throughout the search engines and social media websites
  • Help to prevent future online attacks before they affect you.
Want to look good on the front page of Google?

Want to look good on the front page of Google?