Repair Reputation

Manage Online Brand Reputation

Repair your reputation :

In order to explain you about the method of repair reputation, let’s give you an example. Suppose you go to a cobbler for mending your shoes then what he does? He repairs your shoes within a couple of seconds and gives a new look to it. In the same way we try to repair your reputation by posting good reviews. However there will be some people who will not like to write good things about your company. Now, what does a repair management do to ensure that the negative comments are nowhere to be found in your website? Well, it is achieved by creating oscillations on the first pages of a company’s website.

Remove unwanted business reviews from Google

It is your reputation which can either build or degrade image of your firm. So, it is quite essential to create a positive image for encouraging growth of your company.

  • Remove Bad Reviews from Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor and more.
  • Oscillating reviews from first pages.
  • Increase business by good reputation.
  • Remove fake information from ripoff report
  • Remove Fake Consumer Complaint

Is Reputation Repair essential?

Now a days people are more concerned about the brands and for buying the best brand they tend to check reviews on internet. It can be said that a company’s reputation is no longer limited to their office space rather it has turned out to be public. So, once your online reputation is degraded then you need to repair it as soon as possible.

  • Your reputation depends on public opinions.
  • Most of the people check reviews rather than product description

How can you repair reputation?

When we talk about repairing reputation, it simply cannot be done on a fortnight rather it will take time. The moment the search engines began to reflect desirable contents by removing negative, you will get a green signal of your achievement. Our motto is to free from tension so that you are able to concentrate on other important parameter of your business. With us you will get complete assurance that your reputation is your concern.

  • We will provide you with attractive contents that will build your reputation.
  • Your reputation is our prime concern.

You can have a look at the below mentioned guidelines :

Delete Negative Reviews From YouTube

Removing content :

You can get a scope to take a control over the blogs or other types of content that are published on your websites. Hence you can delete or remove bad reviews from Yelp or Facebook or any review sites which might take a toll on your sales or reputation. Whenever you find that your friend has tagged you in a post you can ask him/her to un-tag you. In the similar way a company can request web-page owner to remove information that are found to be inappropriate.

  • Requesting webmaster to remove inappropriate information.
  • Delete contents which degrade your image

Change the screen name :

In case you find that an embarrassing content carries name of your company then you can change the screen name.

Delete fake information from YouTube
Suppress fake information from Google

Audit serves as the initial step towards managing brand reputation and increase business :

Most of us used to get scared whenever our teacher used to gives test results but do you know its importance? Score can give you an idea about your position thereby giving you an opportunity to improve yourself. Similarity audits are report card for a business. It allows a firm to know the effectiveness of social media presence.

A business organisation will be provided with a report that will contain the details about reputation mechanism that is in operation. You will get notified about changes that might be needed.

  • Auditing helps in getting an idea regarding effectiveness of online contents.
  • Introduce changes based on audits.

Audit mechanism should include the followings :

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Key executive review
  • Outlining a work plan as well as strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Gathering all the comments i.e positive and negative in the past year.
  • Conducting analysis of Google pages especially the first two pages.
  • Evaluating reasons behind success as well as low ranks of the social media or PR contents.
  • Monitoring the sentiments online.
  • Giving recommendations regarding the ways by which a business can make their online presence fruitful and also able to hold monopoly over different social networking channels.
  • Differentiating conversations, themes and comments and also highlight important sites.
  • Inspecting accuracy as well as consistency of online presence.
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