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Important facts to know about promotion of your personal brand :

The importance of personal branding in any business can never be neglected. In order to be successful it is of crucial importance to promote oneself in every positive way possible. This can be done with the help of personal online reputation management services. There are many tips with us that would help you to promote your brand on a social media, such as how to attract more followers, how to get the maximum clicks, how to create a marketing platform starting from scratch etc.

Now when the promotion of the brand is pivoted on your personal image being promoted the aspect becomes more crucial than before. You need to follow expert strategies and tips for the personal reputation management. Here’s how to start.


First we try to create an outline by collecting the story behind your career and success. Then we formulate the strategy to create your unique profile and websites to help you stand apart in the competition.


We create profiles that look highly professional and have the capability to stay on top of the search engines so that they can reap the best results when your name is searched.


Google changes its algorithm almost every day. So the strategy that used to work some days back may not be working at present. So you need to update yourself constantly and make your strategies full proof to maintain your position on the top. Therefore you need the constant personal reputation monitoring.

Up gradation

We publish your videos, blogs and presentations on a monthly basis so that this continual creation of your image creates a long lasting impression online. It helps your image to stay in touch and in close connection with your followers. We also help you to protect your online reputation.

Branding your image online has become a very crucial aspect in today’s world. The world is moving really fast where everyone at some point of time or other has been definitely Googled irrespective of what they do or where they live. The process of branding starts with unveiling your personal brand online which is neither an ad campaign nor a tagline. It is instead a combination of your skills, talents, ethics, beliefs and interests. Once you identify your brand you will learn the branding process instantly.

Get your brand focused :

Positioning your skills and talents become easier once you set your target market for closing the sale or accomplishing your goal.

Target determination :

Our personal online reputation management consultant helps you to determine your target. Our team helps you to identify your customers, identify the people who are interested in your brand. It helps in identifying those prospective customers who will actually buy your service or product. You should first focus on those business or individuals whose problems have solutions with you. Once you have filtered out these people you can build up your own strategy around this forte.

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Identification of competition :

Identifying the competition that you are into is of equal importance as identifying your prospective customers. Our personal online reputation management team helps you to understand the core competencies of your competitors. This helps you to tailor your abilities as per the needs of your audience and to take your talents further by differentiating your product and/or services from that of your competitors. You are thus giving your prospective customers a valid reason to buy your products and/or services over that of your competitors.

Creation of brand statement :

On the basis of the above steps create one or two lines “Brand Statement” stating who you actually are, what job you do and how you are dissimilar to your competitors.

Strategies for communication :

Fortunately, for promotion of your personal brand you will find multiple social online platforms and profiles. In the last few years the advent of social media with the help of various online tools can help any and everybody to connect to the online audiences he wishes to. The online reputation management for individual services has made a remarkable progress in this regard. The endless numbers of platforms and methods can be a bit confusing if you are new to this branding process.

Online Reputation Management for Individuals

As choosing the most suitable platforms amongst so huge of options can be a real daunting task. With us, you will understand each step that is involved in setting up the most suitable profile online and to optimize the profiles in such a way that it shows on the top whenever your name is Googled.

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Control your results in Google :

When your name is Googled, it should appear in the search list. But with a less desirable online presence, your online audiences may have a bad impression on the very first search. Here personal reputation monitoring becomes very crucial. Improving the personal reputation online management is very important if you want to stay in the competition.

Your brand should show up in the search results whenever any prospective customers, future bosses, clients and colleagues search you online. If not, then it is high time that you learn the branding process to improve your online reputation.

Your motive should be to fill up the Google’s first page with all the positive results as much as possible. On the basis of the web history certain treatment options are as below.

The very first thing that you need to do is to identify the sites that rank on the top of the search engines and create a profile there. This is actually like creating the foundation for your reputation online.

Top sites to start with (in order of how high they rank):

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These profiles by themselves tend to rank on the top of the search engines. But it is equally important that you create them in such a way that they are optimized for the search results. This part is bit time consuming but with Singa digital personal online reputation management services this has become much easier. With a self help service it lets you to go through the process of profile making and making it optimized so that they reap the best results and rank high in the search engines.

Push up content :

By now, you may have a personal website already or a professional profile in LinkedIn or some other content that you want your audience to find out about you when they Google your name online. But they are not just enough to keep you high enough in the search engines. If this is actually what is worrying you lately then you need to learn something more about SEO or the search-engine-optimization.

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Google’s own guide to SEO would be the best place to begin with. It gives you tips about personal reputation management. You can similarly register to by creating an account and submitting any link that you want to show up on the top. Our system will analyze those links automatically and show you the steps for its optimization.

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Bury the negative content :

There are times when you are constantly mistaken which results in your negative publicity. Unfortunately these results cannot be removed from the search history. The only way to get away with this is to bury those negative results with positive ones. To protect your online reputation you need to bury all that are negative about you. The law does not permit the site owners to remove any results and even if they manage to do, they still remain archived by Google and may still continue to show.

Singa developed new techniques and processes by which such contents can be scraped from the web and can be sent below in the search engines. We have gained this ability through our expert specialist team and personal online reputation management consultant and expert SEO and content abusing tools that we are using.

Our negative content removal and burial team, can filter, analyze and remove all kinds of negative information including morphed videos and images, previous judgments and court records, blog postings and defamatory forum, negative articles on newspapers, cached pages, online complaints, arrest records etc. At Singa DBS we not only bury or remove negative contents but also start investigating the source of such malicious content thus restricting any such future malign and harm.

Boosting your network :

Online reputation management for individuals involves constantly keeping in touch with your audiences via social media and keeping them posted with some relevant content that speaks high about your expertise. Writing a blog serves this purpose in just a single click. Creating a community or writing a blog can boost up your personal brand image.

Brand Reputation Management

Show up your business brand in different social platforms. Speak to your audience in their voice. Adapting to the voice of your brand and communicating to the audience in a storytelling way will help the customers to connect to your brand easily. Tiffany & Co. is successful in creating several social campaigns by storytelling and inducing emotional response of their audience.

Want to look good on the front page of Google?

Want to look good on the front page of Google?