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Would Dove still stand as a leading soap manufacturing company if it hadn’t made regular changes in its components to match the user demands? Wouldn’t Doritos lose its place among hundreds of other brands if it didn’t change its marketing strategy to convince customers about how wholesome it is?

You know the answers of the above questions well and it is all the same with your online reputation too. Before purchasing any product, the customers are likely to check the placing, positioning and branding of the product thoroughly. In order to keep your business going strong as ever, you need to keep track of the written reviews or feedbacks of the people.

Sadly you are mistaken when you are confident about checking each and every review of individual reviewer. It is practically impossible to check every post as it is time consuming and you will feel fatigued after a certain period. To make your work easier, there are some review notifying tools like

  • Google Alerts
  • Hoot-suite
  • Social Mention
  • Tweet-deck
  • Twitter Search

Check the above-mentioned forums regularly to get an insight about the reaction of users regarding your product. Whenever something fishy pops up from any reviewer, you should take proper action immediately and make proper rectification.

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Boost Your Presence On Social Media :

You should make users aware about your existence. For this reason only, there is ongoing demand for creating advertisements and endorsers are given millions for global endorsements. Basically, you act as the endorser for your company and product. There are various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. You can promote your business through such channels by sharing extensive information regarding the business. Meanwhile, you will get to keep track of the published content on any search engines mentioned above.

Moreover, you can create and operate from numerous profiles on multiple search engines so that you have the control of pushing any inappropriate comment to the second page of the search results and further. On the first page, you will need only those results related to the domain name to appear and hence, there will be no scope for the inappropriate or negative review there to hamper your reputation.

While enjoying our service in choosing proper domain names for any social media, you will find that we make sure the user name is related to your brand name or is unique enough to catch the users’ attention.

  • Advertisements and endorsements are indispensable parts to create a reputed online presence.
  • Social Networking Websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are there to promote your business
  • You can monitor the user comments on any of the above mentioned search engine
  • The first page should only feature your brand name and descriptions, no negative comment should appear here
  • We make sure the domain name is unique and related to your brand for better discoverability.

Enhance Search Results By Publishing Quality Contents :

Your prime aim should be to utilize the ten points of the first search page in Google search engine. To make it possible, you should publish quality contents which are worth reading and give readers a positive insight about what your business is about. If you keep blogging on a regular basis on your websites, you will get a firsthand view of users’ and readers’ reactions while also respond to any allegations regarding your business, made by them professionally.

  • Secure the first page by writing quality contents for all the ten points of search result.
  • Your contents should have credibility to the readers and should speak about your business
  • Make sure to blog regularly to stay on the first page
  • Respond to allegations made by users and readers on your blog
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Ask Customers For Sharing Positive Reviews :

The feedback of the customer is the most crucial factor to run your business as for you the customer has the position of a king. Behind the significant amount of your sales are the positive feedback’s of your customers shared to their family, friends and acquaintances. After every purchase of your product or availing any service provided by your brand, make sure to encourage your valuable customers for writing about their genuine reaction or ask them to share their experience with their acquaintances. Request them to sign in to the brand’s website and post feedback or write their reviews on social media profiles.

In order to earn credibility and trust, the feedback of customers have become very important, particularly when users have the common habit of getting information before purchasing.

  • Customer Feedback is the vital factor for your sales
  • Customers share their experience with family, friends and acquaintances
  • Ask them to share their reviews with others
  • Request them to give feedback on your websites
  • Also ask them to post their experience on their social media accounts
Want to look good on the front page of Google?

Want to look good on the front page of Google?