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Customers try to validate the things they know about your organisation. A company is able to manage their online reviews by focussing on:

Quality: You can gain trust of your customers by spreading positive word of mouth. It has been found that business that give a high rating have got maximum traffic of 87%.

Responses: It is impossible for an organisation to keep a track on each and every review. So, it is better to give responsibility to reviews; be it positive or negative. A response from the owner can have a good impact over the customers as they will feel valued.

Accuracy: It is quite important to ensure that your business information is updated and are consistent in the websites.

Volume: Your reputation is surely going to increase with the volume of reviews. This is because a customer often makes their purchase decisions based on total number of reviews.

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Online reviews help a business to improve their brand. Almost 90% of the service users will try to read your online review posted by customer before taking purchase decision whereas 88% users will put full faith on your reviews while choosing a product.

Interacting with the customers can definitely bring a positive change in your reputation. Whenever a positive review is posted, your first job is to give a response by saying thanks. Quick responses will surely help you to have you credibility.
Online reputation is largely dependent upon the fact that how you respond to negative reviews. It is important to deal with a review with patience. One should try to argue with a particular user who has published a negative review.

Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook can be of great help when it comes to creating a positive brand image. Make use of social media platforms for appearing in the search list of your customers and let readers understand that how vigilant are you about your brand. It is recommended to post catchy contents so that it seeks the customer’s attention at once.

A business can flourish itself by showcasing their business objectives through online medium. It is perhaps the most reliable way to connect to your customer and build your reputation. It can be taken as a defence mechanism against the negative comments. The more you publish positive things about your business the more will be your reputability before your customers.

  • Spread positive word of mouth
  • Gain trust of customers
  • Respond to negative reviews
  • Handle reviews calmly
  • Suppress false information from ripoff report or any complaint site
  • Social Media Management & Sharing
Suppress negative links from Google
Delete false information from Google

Take the initiative now :

In order to safeguard your company against any structural issues then it is always better to strengthen your foundation. Although you may take time while handling a negative reputation but slowly you may lead to the paths of success. Connect with us where we can remove negative reviews from Google or TripAdvisor and more…

Claim the online properties :

You need to claim accounts before actually obtaining them. It is better to use real name because most of your customers will search it. Registering accounts will mean that you are required to provide valid information for your web visitors. KnowEm can be regarded as an essential tool that is used for identifying trademarks or domains that one might claim. You need to ensure that accounts are secured with appropriate privacy settings otherwise your contents can circulate on the internet, which may not prove good for your company’s reputation.

  • Register your accounts
  • Use real name
  • Secure accounts through privacy settings
Remove fake information from Google
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Claim Google+ :

If you want to get a good ranking then a Google+ account is quite essential. All the posts, pictures or links that are shared on social media is liable to get a good ranking in search results. Google my business can allow companies to manage their reputation because Google is known to use components that can provide populated spaces of Google search results. The components that are provided by Google include reviews, contact information, logo, photos and business hours.

  • Open Google+ accounts for good ranking
  • Google my business helping companies to manage their reputation

Create online domain :

It can be said that a business can make their online presence strong only by creating their own domain. One needs to make sure that they are able to provide the exact name for registration. Exact searches are known to gain more ranking so it is better to register the name verbatim properly. A company is required to register their domains for a longer period of time. The reason being such domains might gain credibility of the customers and gives enough security from those who intends to buy it whenever renewal is conducted.

  • Create your own domain
  • Appear in searches with your domain
  • Use exact name
  • Create domain for longer period
Remove Bad Reviews from Google
Remove Bad Reviews from Yelp

Using accounts :

If you wish to appear in the search list then create social media accounts. When it comes to social media then Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter are the topmost names and one can get complete assurance of gaining customers by opening account in any of these networking sites. You are required to seek attention of your visitors by making your profiles attractive with information and photos. A business can establish positive reputation by creating social media accounts. You need to support your brand image, and connect with users by using these services.

It’s high time to develop your contents :

A personal website can be developed to get a platform for sharing everything about your business. In order to ensure that your website is visited by customers you need to establish a good portfolio whereby you can enlist accomplishments as well as strengths of your business. A blog or a twitter or tumblr can be used for sharing the things that interest you. It can be said that you will buy dot com of your name and utilise it for hosting contents. In case you are not able to publish engaging contents on your website then it is better to borrow contents from other sites. One should not forget to use their exact names and ensure that the contents that they are sharing should be positive.

  • Builds reputation with engaging contents
  • Share your interests on domains
  • Share positive contents only
Suppress Negative Reviews from Facebook
Suppress Negative Reviews from TripAdvisor

Promote your positive results online :

Suppose a good article has been written about you so try to circulate it on social media and you can also put it on your website. It can be called a good way to increase your ranking indirectly.

  • Circulate good articles about your company
  • Share it on social media
  • Get high rankings

Sharing knowledge :

Identify your niche and try to write guest posts as it can be taken as an input for reputation management. In fact you can seek for interview opportunities that might allow you to appear as an expert. It is better to create alerts for knowing about the places where your input can be used. Mostly guest posts or interviews that belong from a good website will give you a scope to get a supportive place for increasing your reputation.

  • Write guest posts
  • Appear as an expert in interviews
Remove Negative Reviews from Google
Remove Negative Reviews from TripAdvisor

Online conversations :

One needs to popularise their company by following renowned forum or industry blogs. You can even give comments on new article that interests you. Appear on the top list for the special interest or hobbies that you showcase through online discussions. You can ask questions, build good reputation and interact with others through online mediums.

  • Appear on online discussions
  • Give your comments on popular news articles
  • Held conversation with others
  • Build a good online network

Be the authority :

Once you become an authority in your community, you can get a scope to earn respect and therefore appear in search lists. In fact you can get a good opportunity to boost your reputation by interacting with media. Companies can begin an online group whereby they can participate in question and answer sites like Quora. Podcast, interviews, videos and eBooks can allow you to become an authority. One can speak at public forum for representing their expertise.

  • Gain respect by interacting with media
  • Appear in sites like Quora
  • Share your knowledge
  • Highlight your expertise
Promote your positive results online
Suppress false information from ripoff report

Sharing photos :

You need to share variety of photos online so as to prevent posting of any inappropriate photos related to your company on Google images. These photos can be professional photo or those related with your reputation or even pictures reflecting your personality. It can be posted on your social media accounts like twitter, WordPress, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + and many more.

  • Share your company’s photos online
  • Add catchy captions with photos
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